Fees | Bondster

Bondster calculates the fee as 1 % annually from your invested amount, but only in CZK.



How are the fees for CZK investments calculated?

The fee of 1 % annually shall be calculated daily from the current volume of investments being held and is billed monthly on the first day of the following month.

You do not pay any fee for the funds you do not have invested.

Other services are free of charge:

  • Establishment and operation of an account
  • Incoming payments
  • Investment execution
  • Outgoing payments

Example of fee calculation for CZK investments:

At the beginning of the month, you send CZK 20 000 to your Bondster investor's account. In the middle of the month, you decide on investments worth CZK 10 000.

You will pay the fee only from the invested amount of CZK 10 000 and for the second half of the month (15 days):
Fee = CZK 10 000 * 1% / 365 * 15 = CZK 4.1

If you invest in a loan with a 10% interest rate, for the same period of 15 days you will get the following return:
Interest = CZK 10 000 * 10% / 365 * 15 = CZK 41.1

After payment of the fee you will earn CZK 37.0


You can find the Fee Schedule at Documents and download section.