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How to become an investor in four simple steps.

  1. Online registration within 3 minutes

    • Opening a Bondster account is completely online, no papework.
    • You just have to fill in the basic information during the registration.
    • By registering, you are not bound by any responsibilities or flat fees.
    • It´s up to you when to start investing.
    • You can cancel the Investor Account at any time.
  2. Transfer money to your Bondster Investment Account

    • Once you open your account, you will receive instructions how to transffer money from your bank.
    • It is required to transfer money from a bank account in your own name.
    • We will notify you by email when the money arrives on your investment account.
  3. Loan selection and investment

    • Now, just log into the Bondster marketplace.
    • You can choose from the current investment oppportunities available.
    • Now you can invest online for as little as EUR 5.
  4. Receipt of principal and interest payments

    • The borrower regularly repays the loan to the loan provider.
    • Bondster relays the payments of principal and interest to the investors.
    • You can check your account status online at any time.
    • We regularly send you account status updates by email.
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