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About us

About us

Bondster is a Czech FinTech start-up that offers investments in loans.

We connect investors from the general public with trusted lenders. We bring new opportunities for investors who can easily earn attractive returns without any in-depth knowledge of the financial market.

On the Bondster marketplace, you can invest in many loans from various loans providers. To eliminate the risk, loans are usually secured, for example by real estate. Thanks to Bondster, investors can earn high returns of 10 % annually and more.

Bondster offers a new credible alternative to traditional investment.

Bondster - above-average yields available to everyone!


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Our mission

  • Providing an innovate marketpalce for secured loans.
  • Enabling investors to receive above-average yields.
  • Connecting investors from the general public to trusted lenders.
  • Providing investors with a simple alternative to traditional investment.

Our vision

  • To be #1 in the European online loan marketplace.
  • To become a respected leader in financial innovation.

Our team

Ivan Černohorský
Ivan Černohorský

Ivan is a member of the Supervisory Board in Bondster. He served on the board of directors of HVB Bank and Baader Securities, and as chairman of the board of directors he led the restructuring of Interbanka / BAWAG Bank. Since 2005 he has been working in education and HR.

Michal Schauhuber
Michal Schauhuber

Michal is in charge of operations and marketing. He has extensive managerial experience in distribution management for media houses and, in recent years, he has worked in marketing for the largest bank loyalty program in our country.

Michäel März
Michäel März

Michäel takes care of our investor community, their wishes and questions. He has several years of experience in the P2P area with commercially-known projects, where he was in charge of back office and dealing with applicants.

Martin Vazač
Martin Vazač

Martin is in charge of business and communication with clients. He brings to the team years of capital markets experience as a broker and bank advisor.

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