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What is the Bondster platform?

Bondster is a Peer-to-Business (P2B) investment platform that offers an attractive opportunity for investors to place available funds. The principle of the operation is simple – investors can invest in already existing loans, with a repayment history, offered by respective lenders of those loans.

Loan types may vary and they may be secured or unsecured – mortgages, leases, consumer loans, etc. Bondster operates as a marketplace where these loans are offered as investment opportunities and acts as an intermediary between investors and lenders.

What is the difference between Bondster and other investment platforms?

Bondster offers a unique opportunity for easy, quick investments that allow investors portfolio diversification. It is also unique in that the investments are protected by collateral, which may include real estate, vehicles, etc. In contrast to other platforms, Bondster also offers a buy-back guarantee in case of loan default. All these protective measures considerably reduce investor risk. In addition, Bondster offers easy online management of your investment account.

Who is behind the Bondster project?

The BONDSTER investment portal is run by a team of professionals with experience in finance as well as P2B investments (ex.www.pujcmefirme.cz). We are aware of the lack of quality investment opportunities on the market, so we have created an innovative online investment site tailored to a wide range of investors. The investment process is very simple and doesn't require extensive knowledge of financial markets. Learn more in the About us section. 

Bondster is owned by CEP Invest Private Equity. A main strategic partner of the project is ACEMA Credit Czech, a.s.

What is CEP Invest Private Equity?

CEP Invest PE focuses on investing in interesting projects that have the potential to deliver certain returns. The main investments in its portfolio include investments in stable, small and medium-sized businesses, real estate, IT startups and direct and indirect capital market investments. Some example investments from the portfolio include OneProve and Equinox. CEP Invest's investors are managers and lawyers with many years of experience, particularly in finance and the consumer sector.

What is Acema Credit Czech, a.s.?

ACEMA Credit Czech, a.s. has been operating on the Czech credit market since 2000. At present, ACEMA is one of the most important providers of non-bank secured loans on the Czech market. 

Will my money be safe with Bondster?

All payments Bondster receives are kept at their designated accounts. The funds on these accounts are separate from Bondster's own funds.

Are there risks connected with investing into Bondster?

On the Bondster platform, it is possible to invest primarily in secured loans. For selected unsecured loans, providers offer buy-back guarantees in the event of default by the borrower. These elements greatly increase the security of the investment. Remember that no investment is completely free of risk. That is why we strongly recommend that clients diversify their portfolio and, hence, their risk. To do this, it is advisable to invest in multiple loans.

How is money protected? Are all data backed up?

We are aware that data security is a cornerstone of the investment platform, and therefore uses technology services of world leaders in its field. The data is stored on the Amazon data solution and is regularly backed up. Investors' funds are held in Czech Komerční banka's accounts.

How does Bondster handle my personal information?

The Bondster Platform strictly complies with applicable Czech legislation. With all the information you submit to us, we work with the utmost care and consider it strictly confidential.

Is it actually a legal investment in loans that someone else has already provided?

The share of the loan and all the claims arising from it are transferred to you by way of assignment of the claim. This process is fully in line with the legislation of the European Union.

Is my investment return taxed?

It is not. Investors are legally obliged to tax revenue. You can find the documentation for processing the tax return in your profile in the Transaction Summary. Just download the listing for the selected period. However there could be local legal act for taxes in different countries.

Who can register for Bondster as an investor?

Any citizens of any country as well as legal entities can invest. The prerequisite is a bank account, which is one of the important aspects for authentication and compliance with the AML (Czech Act No. 253/2008 Coll., On the Legalization of Crime and Terrorist Financing). The bank account must be established at a bank within the European Union. In other cases, Bondster user needs to proof his identity and the origin of the founds according to Directive (EU) 2015/849 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2015 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing.

How do I create an account?

Opening your account is simple and intuitive - it does not take more than five minutes

You can check out our video tutorial or read it below:

  1. First, click on CREATE ACCOUNT button and enter the verification email address.
  2. Log in to the mailbox and confirm with BONDSER the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button.
  3. The form in which you enter your name, phone, access password will appear. Click on CONTINUE.
  4. You will gain access to your account. If you want to invest and transfer money to an investor account, you need to conclude the Investor Agreement - the link is in the top bar, please click on I WANT TO INVEST.
  5. Add personal details (citizenship, residence, ID, date of birth and place). Here you have the possibility to upload the documents, which are a necessary condition for the identification according to the AML Act (253/2008 Coll.). However, this is not necessary in this step, but you need to do it later.
  6. In the last registration step, you will check the data you have filled in and, if necessary, you can edit it. For signing the contract, it is necessary to grant consent to the wording of the contract and the Bondster Business Terms. Click on ENTER INTO THE AGREEMENT.
  7. Sign your contract by entering the SMS code that was sent to you on your mobile number and click again on ENTER INTO THE AGREEMENT.
  8. The contract has been concluded, which we will confirm by e-mail in which you will find its full text. You can also find the agreement in the settings in your User Profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner.
  9. The last step - to transfer money to the specified investor account. We will inform you again by e-mail about the money transfer.

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