ACEMA did well regardless of the coronavirus

ACEMA did well regardless of the coronavirus

ACEMA did well regardless of the coronavirus

The specialized portal published an article about the Czech lending company ACEMA, which is also a strategic partner of the investment platform Bondster. Among other things you will learn from the text is what the economic results of the company are.

ACEMA is a licensed lender that has focused primarily on entrepreneurs and sole traders for more than 20 years. During that time, it provided people financial assistance exceeding 240 000 000 EUR (6 billion CZK). The loans offered range from 4 000 EUR (100,000 CZK) up to 2 mil. EUR (50 million CZK) with a repayment period of several months to 20 years.

The company's results for the last accounting period (ending March 2021) show that despite the two-month production outage caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, the company did well last year. During this period, it increased not only the volume of active loans but also its equity.

The long-term positive results were also reflected in the credit risk indicator, which fell by 1.9 pp year-on-year from 59.8% to 57.9%, which is clearly the best result compared to other non-bank business loan providers.

ACEMA increased the speed of lending, streamlined internal processes, and optimized operating costs, which translated into keeping its results and market position. Last but not least, the introduction of other preventive measures should be mentioned, such as the tightening of approval criteria for new loans. Thanks to these measures, the company managed to keep the delinquency at the level of previous years.


Key information about ACEMA:

- ACEMA has a 29% share of the market for secured non-bank loans in the Czech Republic

- The delinquency rate of ACEMA's portfolio stands at 4.2%, i.e. approximately 4 out of 100 clients do not fulfill their obligations

- Regarding the distribution of its clients, Prague and the Central Bohemian Region predominate (a total of 39% of the portfolio)

- ACEMA has been licensed by the Czech Central Bank since May 2018

- The total volume of loans provided in 2020 increased by 6.5% compared to 2019 and reached 56 mil. EUR  (1.4 billion CZK)

- The company's turnover fell to 10.2 mil. EUR (255 million CZK) and its profit exceeded 2.56 mil EUR (64 million CZK)

- Equity increased by 10% year-on-year


The latest annual report can be found here.

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