Alende joins Bondster as a new loan originator

Alende joins Bondster as a new loan originator

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Alende joins Bondster as a new loan originator

Estonian company Alende is joining Bondster as a new loan originator with an initial batch of B2B loans with an attractive interest rate of 16% p.a. and a buyback guarantee.

Alende was registered in 2019 in Estonia to provide credit services to those who have been neglected by traditional financial institutions. Supported by a strong industrial group with over 40 years of successful operations, Alende is in the process of acquiring 2 credit institutions with long track records that provide secured individual and SME loans to underbanked borrowers in Latin America. Alende is currently supporting these entities with B2B loans to continue expanding their loan books until such time as they are consolidated as part of Alende.

Typical end loan sizes range between EUR 100 and EUR 10,000, averaging EUR 500, and loan tenors can go from 1 to 36 months, averaging 18 months. Alende aims to digitalize completely the lending process to further reduce operating costs and the objective is to expand the loan book progressively to exceed EUR 20 million in disbursements by the end of 2022. Interest rates charged to final clients can vary but exceed 50% p.a. in average.

Alende aims to be able to add loans from the 2 credit entities directly in the future, which will help Bondster investors diversify into new attractive jurisdictions.

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