Bernhard Hummel visited Bondster

Bernhard Hummel visited Bondster

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Bernhard Hummel visited Bondster

Austrian blogger and YouTuber Bernhard Hummel visited Bondster and recorded several interviews with its representatives.

In August, Bernhard Hummel, a renowned Austrian influencer and P2P investment expert, visited the Bondster platform to bring his audience the latest news about the platform and introduce its team.

In one of the videos he made during his visit, he discussed with the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Richard Kouba, not only new products that Bondster offers, such as the secondary market and loans secured by bitcoins but also Bondster's plans for the future.

In another video, Bernhard Hummel recorded an in-depth interview with Pavel Klema, CEO of Bondster, where they focused in detail on Bondster's financial plans, ambitions for the future, loan providers, and other new features.

Bernhard Hummel also met with Bondster’s Risk Analyst Vladimír Vála and discussed the Due Diligence process, monitoring, and other topics related to the loan providers. This video can be viewed here.

Last but not least, together with Pavel Klema, he also visited the headquarters of the Czech loan originator, Acema. You can see it here.

Finally, an office tour video in which Bernhard is accompanied by our Affiliate Marketing Specialist can be viewed here.

You may watch the interview with Richard Kouba here, and the video with the CEO, Pavel Klema, here.

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