Bondster expands again: Net Gotówka on Bondster!
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Bondster expands again: Net Gotówka on Bondster!

Market development
Bondster expands again: Net Gotówka on Bondster!

We are happy to announce that there is a new loan provider from Poland - Net Gotówka. The company was established in 2012 and already have almost 50,000 clients. Net Gotówka provides two types of loans: PDL and STL with maturity of 2-6 weeks and 3-12 months respectively.

The principal of loans ranges from EUR 140 to 930. Net Gotówka´s volume of issued loans amounted last year to EUR 1.2 mil. The company has only 7 employees, but it does not hinder it from a constant development and improvement, mainly because their systems are automated, and all the loans are provided online.

First loans by Net Gotówka are offered to investors for 12 % interest p.a. and with BuyBack Guarantee.

You can read a short interview with Marek Kater (MK), Vicepresident of Net Gotówka, below:

What do you expect from the cooperation with Bondster?

MK: We expect our loan portfolio to grow. To develop our business, we need financing and Bondster is a great opportunity to find new investors for that purpose.

What are your plans for 2019, do you prepare any news for your clients?

MK: We plan to grow with Bondster, we also plan to issue bonds to increase our loan portfolio. We are now considering to extent our product portfolio and offer also 12 months instalment loans. Moreover, we think about even longer repayment terms, but it all depends on the financing.

What do you consider your competitive advantage in the Polish market?

MK: We verify our clients’ incomes, which is rather unusual, and we have a unique tool to check if a document submitted by a client is real or fake. It helps us control credit risk and make our loan portfolio perform very well. We also check every client in every debt registry offered in Poland. Most of our processes are automated, therefore we can really make a credit decision in a few minutes.

How do you assess the current business environment for non-banking loan providers in Poland and how do you see its development in the upcoming years?

MK: Non-banking loan business is still developing but of course not as fast as a few years ago. As the economy performs well, people have jobs, incomes, they are capable of repaying their loans. So for now, the environment is still very good. And as we are a small company, we still have a huge potential to grow.

How do you manage all your clients by having only 7 employees?

MK: Most of our processes are automated. We are using outsourcing in the field of IT, HR, accounting. This is why we not only manage all our current clients by having only 7 employees, but also can onboard new clients

Profiles of the Net Gotówka´s managers

Piotr Kater – President of Management Board, graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). In years 2005-2013 he had a huge experience in banking sector. He was a Project Manager, Vice-director of the Organization Development Department in BRE Bank S.A. Piotr is currently engaged as ViceChairman of the Revision Committee in Mazovian Employers Union.

Marek Kater – VicePresident of Management Board, graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), licensed stock exchange broker. In years 2005-2009 worked in brokerage houses as client advisor and stock broker. In years 2009-2015 worked in Trading Supervision Department in Polish.

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