Capital Insider: Bondster is a secure platform

Capital Insider: Bondster is a secure platform

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Capital Insider: Bondster is a secure platform

Capital Insider is a German financial website that focuses on P2P investments, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other investment options. The blog was created in 2017 and it is run by two professional consultants. This month Capital Insider focused on our portal, on which a detailed review was conducted.

According to Capital Insider (and based on its internal scoring models), Bondster is a secure and reliable platform that has proven its stability during the ongoing crisis related to the spread of COVID-19. The server especially appreciates the ability to diversify loans by both yield and collateral. It is further stated that Bondster can be used to invest in short-term, high-yield business loans, but also loans with a maturity of up to 20 years are no exception. For these long-term loans, Capital Insider praises the function of an early exit from the investment.

Capital Insider also evaluates the intuitive settings of the Autoinvest function very positively. In conclusion, it did not forget to mention the usefulness of the online exchange office from euros to Czech crowns, which is done directly on the platform and allows easy investment both in euro and Czech loans.

The full review can be read HERE.

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