Interview with James Kodrowski from Right Choice Finance
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Interview with James Kodrowski from Right Choice Finance

Market development
Interview with James Kodrowski from Right Choice Finance
Right Choice Finance is the first loan provider from Southeast Asia on Bondster. To find out about the
company´s plans, we asked its director James Kodrowski a few questions.

The company provides loans in the region of Southeast Asia. In which countries do you have the biggest number of clients?

We are currently operating in the Philippines and Singapore, where we have two branches and a total of 30 employees. The Philippine business is bigger and we have therefore decided to offer the Philippine loans on Bondster.

What services do you provide in the Philippines?

We offer full-service for companies, which include investments, loans, unified personal information systems, e-wallets and also loans for the companies´ staff.

Why do people take out loans from you?

We are a registered loan provider in Singapore and the Philippines. We have all necessary authorisations and licences to operate our business. People come to us because they trust us, but also if they don´t meet very strict bank conditions for being granted a loan.

What are the differences between the financial markets in Asia and Europe?

First of all, there is no such project in Asia, similar to the one of the European Union, which would integrate the financial markets and strive for their uniform regulation. Our customers, to whom we can provide our services, come from developing countries. This means that the financial sectors in Southeast Asia and Europe are very different.

What is the share of people in Southeast Asia who borrow from non-banking companies?

This varies a lot from country to country. There is a great number of people who borrow outside the banking sector in the Philippines. It is a state where the share of loans provided by non-banking companies is one of the highest in the region.

To what kind of clients do you lend?

Above all, we lend to the SME segment. Our typical client is a company with 15 - 1000 employees. We also lend to individuals and households. Right Choice Finance has a credit portfolio of about 3 million euro. The company is aiming to extend its activities up to 58 million euro within the next five years.

What were your sales and other financial indicators in the last few years?

We were already in the black during the first year of our operations; we founded the company almost four years ago, in 2016. Our sales and profit grow between 200 and 300% every year. We expect the trend to continue (or better - improve) also in 2019.

What are your expectations from cooperation with Bondster?

Unlike banks, we cannot accept deposits and thus finance our growth. Therefore, we see cooperation with Bondster and its investors as a perfect way to raise capital and expand further. Bondster investors will, at the same time, get an attractive opportunity to make a good use of their funds.

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