New loan originator: EUROlombard

New loan originator: EUROlombard

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New loan originator: EUROlombard

The Belarusian company EUROlombard has become a new provider of investment loans on the platform Bondster. EUROlombard is the leading pawn shop product on the Belarusian microfinance market in terms of convenience, reliability, transparency, and innovation. The services are offered in the 24 largest cities across Belarus, covering a population of over 5.6 million people.

EUROlombard (EL Capital LLC) is a FinTech company launched in 2016 offering short-term loans to individuals for everyday needs secured by precious metals, electronics, household goods, and vehicles. Short-term loans are available for up to 30 days with a one-time repayment and extension option, as well as for up to 12 months with a monthly annuity repayment schedule.

Loans are offered in 11 branches of EUROlombard, as well as in 26 branches of partner companies. In 2020, the company issued 40 thousand loans for 1.5 million euros totaling over 5 million euros since the foundation. The client base numbers over 30 thousand people.

The founders of the business are shareholders of DelfinGroup, established in 2009, which is an employer for 300 professionals in 92 locations and 38 cities in Latvia, occupying 35% of the pawnshop services market.

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