Omnigrant is joining Bondster
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Omnigrant is joining Bondster

Market development
Omnigrant is joining Bondster

It is our pleasure to inform you that Omnigrant Szybka Pożyczka has recently joined our platform and become the 7th foreign provider offering Euro loans on Bondster. Omnigrant, established in 2008, is a brand name that brings together 3 consumer lenders from Poland. Omnigrant provides individuals with short-term unsecured consumer loans with an average repayment term of 10 months and principal amount ranging between EUR 70-700. “We are pleased to welcome another foreign provider on our platform – Omnigrant that will offer Euro short-term loans with Buyback Guarantee – the most demanded loans on our platform. We have managed to establish cooperation with 3 new providers since the beginning of this year and our investors are calling for even more”, says Filip Cermak, COO of Bondster. The company minimizes the risk of non-payment by maintaining a regular personal contact with its clients. The group has 120 employees and operates in 80 Polish cities to take care of more than 30.000 clients. All loans on Bondster are secured by a Buyback Guarantee.

Below is a short interview with Grzegorz Żytliński (GZ), Chairman of the Board of Omnigrant: 

What do you expect from cooperation with Bondster?

GZ: Cooperation with such dynamically developing P2P platform which Bondster surely is allows us to diversify financial sources of our activity and it will speed up development of our company. I believe that possibility to offer our loans to the investors on Bondster platform could have positive affect on the company image for our existing partners. Surely, it will be mutually beneficial cooperation: for Bondster as well as for investors.

What are your plans for 2019, do you prepare any news for your clients?

GZ: During the last few years Omnigrant Szybka Pożyczka constantly widened teritorial range of its activity. We intend to spread out our activity to further regions in 2019, just to be accessible in the whole western part of Poland. We are constantly working on improving our products. We want them to be customer friendly. Due to growing number of young customers we want to offer modern products such as payment cards. In 2019 we will offer series of interesting promotions to our regular clients. Thanks to that our offer will be even more atractive for them.

What do you consider your competitive advantage in the Polish market?

GZ: Undoubtedly, long time of existence and providing of cash loans in the Polish market is our advantage over the competitors. Thanks to that we were able to get to know rules and regulations as well as abilities and threats. Due to service model developed over the years, we are able to better understand customer needs and adequately satisfy them.

How do you assess the current business environment for non-banking loan providers in Poland and how do you see its development in the upcoming years?

GZ: Current situation on cash loans Polish market is very dynamic. Constantly changing law constricts this business. Hopefully, it will end soon and there will be clear and transparent rules of functioning on loans market. Rules which will be advantageous for both firms and customers. I believe that non-banking service sector is essencial for correct financial market funcioning. I think there will be no serious threats for cash loan companies in Poland in the next few years. Surely, we will have to adjust to new economic conditions and technological development in financial sector but I am sure that our company is already ready for it.

Grzegorz Żytliński (Chairman of the Board) graduated in 2000 from University of Szczecin, Finance and Banking obtaining master degree in Economics. In the years 2000-2003 he worked in GE Capital Bank SA and Zachodni Bank WBK SA. In 2003, he started working in Provident Polska SA as Development Manager. In 2004 he become Operational Manager in Partner Sp. z o.o. where he was responsible for creating sales structure of the loan company. Since 2009 he has become Chairman of the Board of Szybka Pożyczka Sp. z o.o. and from 2014 Szybka Pożyczka Polska Sp. z o.o. as well, which is offering cash loans under Omnigrant Szybka Pożyczka brand.

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