P2P Empire interview with CEO Bondster

P2P Empire interview with CEO Bondster

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P2P Empire interview with CEO Bondster

The leading European comparison portal of P2P platforms, P2P Empire, recorded an interview with CEO Pavel Klema about investing in the Czech Republic and loan originator ACEMA.

The P2P Empire server, led by Jakub Krejčí, who has been intensively working on comparing European P2P platforms, published an interview with Bondster CEO Pavel Klema on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Jakub Krejčí asked CEO Pavel Klema questions mainly about one of the most important loan providers on the Bondster platform, the Czech company ACEMA.

Pavel Klema also answered questions about plans that he has for Bondster for the coming months, attitudes towards the regulation of the P2P market, and shared information regarding the process of onboarding new loan providers on the platform and the scoring system.

You can watch the whole interview (in English) on YouTube or you can listen to a podcast.

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