Profit 34% after almost 4 years

Profit 34% after almost 4 years

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Profit 34% after almost 4 years

Analysts at Finlord began investing on Bondster almost immediately after its founding in 2017. Unlike most investors who registered on the investment platform later, they have a unique, long-term experience.

 The is a portal specializing in the stock exchange, over-the-counter investment analysis, and financial management. In their latest article, Finlord analysts, Boris Tomčiak and Eva Mahdalová, looked at the return they achieved after less than four years of investing on the Bondster platform.

 With the return on Czech and also euro loans in which they started investing later, they achieved a cumulative yield of 34% and 30%. This is despite the coronavirus pandemic, which caused the worst economic crisis since World War II and affected many loan providers.

In the analysis, they summarize their investment experience with Bondster and describe their investment strategy for Czech and euro loans. Regarding the Czech loans, they explain why they mainly invest in loans from the Czech loan provider Acema. In the case of euro loans, they positively value the vast diversification options and high yields, which reach up to 11–17% p.a., while mentioning: “such high-interest rates are also offered by providers with a very solid financial background.” They also positively evaluate the possibility to look through the financial statements and presentations of loan providers, which you can find on the website in the Providers section. The Finlord portal also looked at the financial appreciation of some providers.

 In the article, you will find out, how Bondster coped with the pandemic situation, what changes and improvements the platform has undergone since its establishment in 2017, and what are the prospects for the coming years.

In conclusion, Finlord analysts conclude: "Bondster as a purely Czech Fintech project can offer interesting investment opportunities for various types of investors, clear platform overview and simple investment processes."

 The whole article (in Czech) can be read here.

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