Smart Reserve - a liquid investment with high interest
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Smart Reserve - a liquid investment with high interest

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Smart Reserve - a liquid investment with high interest

Maximum liquidity and an attractive interest of 3.9% p.a. Both new and current clients can now invest in our new product called the Smart Reserve, which yields the highest possible interest in terms of liquidity and risk ratio.

Instant liquidity

Thanks to the Guarantee of Liquidity, you can withdraw your investment in the Smart Reserve at any time and without delay. The invested amount will then be credited immediately to your investor´s account with no fees incurred.

High interest rate

With the annual interest of 3.9%, the Smart Reserve will protect your money from inflation and allow you to invest for a very short term. The Smart Reserve is also practical if you don´t know when you will need your money again. For instance, when waiting for a new, more attractive investment opportunity to appear on Bondster.


TheSmart Reserve, just as the majority of receivables on the Bondster market, can be secured by movable or immovable property. Moreover, the Smart Reserve always comes with the Buyback Guarantee. It means that should the debtor default, the loan originator guarantees to reimburse the remaining principal, including interest.

Take a look at the Bondster market offer and invest in the Smart Reserve with instant liquidity!

Don´t you have an investor account on Bondster yet? Don´t worry! The whole registration takes place online and requires only a few minutes. You can start investing from CZK 100 and the first three months are free of charge.

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Online account registration in 3 minutes

Investments starting
at EUR 5

No entry fees,
zero fees in EUR investment