Speed Cash Polska – Questions for Pawel Zielinski – Managing Director
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Speed Cash Polska – Questions for Pawel Zielinski – Managing Director

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Speed Cash Polska – Questions for Pawel Zielinski – Managing Director

You provide mortgage loans. What's the main reason, why do you think your clients borrow money from Speed Cash?

We meet the needs of our clients and understand the situations in which the time of obtaining cash is crucial. That is why the decision process for granting a secured loan has been reduced to a minimum. We operate quickly, reliably and professionally. We pay out money even within 24 hours of submitting the required documents. We do not collect prepayments and we conclude a contract at a notary's office.

What are the main differences between bank mortgage and Speed Cash in the Polish market?

The main difference between the services provided by banks and Speed Cash Polska is the time of the decision to grant a loan. We are able to give a decision on granting financing after just one hour from the receipt of the application, while a notarial contract can be signed even within 24 hours from the date of application. Another difference is the fact that there is no need to provide a No Tax Arrears certificate to Polish tax institutions such as ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) or US (Tax Office) - which is required by banks.

Do you lend money only to entrepreneurs and companies or also to individual borrowers?

Our clients are entrepreneurs, capital companies, partnerships, start-ups and sole proprietorship maintained (run) for a minimum of 6 months. We do not lend money to individual borrowers/consumers.

Who is your average borrower (sex, age, sector of employment or business)?

Our clients are developers, construction companies and retail parks, medical industry, catering, hotels, trade and services, agriculture, IT industry, entrepreneurs in need of refinancing existing liabilities, entrepreneurs in need of obtain funds to repay ZUS and US (public and legal liabilities).

What are your average mortgage parameters? (LTV, volume, maturity, interest rate)?

Total loan portfolio at the end of the period: 2016 - 2.65 million EUR, 2017 - 4.34M EUR, 2018 - 5.26M EUR. Maturity – one year, Interest rate – 0%, we charge only provisions, LTV – 50 %.

What is Speed Cash´ position in the Polish market?

Speed Cash Polska has strong position in the Polish market. The brand is recognizable among Polish people due to its speed and quality.

What is your strongest region in Poland?

Silesian Region

How many branches and employees do you have?

We don’t have branches. The main headquarters is located in the centre of Warsaw. Employees: 30

What was your profit and sales in the last few years? What is the trend?

The trend is growing. For comparison Speed Cash Polska granted 143 loans in 2016, while in 2017 Speed Cash Polska granted 226 loans.

Why do you cooperate with Bondster? Why do you need the additional funds for?

The idea is simple: we are a loan fund that connects people who want to multiply their financial resources safely and entrepreneurs who need money to develop their business. All transactions are secured by real estates. In addition, we also invest our own funds and rely on partnership-based activities. The acquired funds will be used to maintain the core business, additional business operations and financial operations.

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