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10 reasons to register on Bondster

Average yield 7,61% p.a. in CZK
and 14,00% p.a. in EUR
Free registration, non-binding
registration, everything is voluntary
entrance fees
Simple registration
that takes only 3 minutes
You can invest to
thousands of loans
Our investors have already invested
87 009 341 EUR
The investors have earned
3 569 821 EUR
Low or zero
investment fees
Invest also in loans secured with real estate, vehicles or gold.
Early exit from an investment
Guarantee of Liquidity

How it works

1. Register on the Bondster

In the registration form, please make sure a promo code is pre-filled for you in order to receive a bonus: 1000009280

2. Send money to your investor´s account

Send any amount of funds to your investor´s account.
You can choose either Czech crowns or Euros.

3. Start investing

You can start investing from CZK 100 or EUR 5.
and please do not forget to diversify!

4. Earn bonuses

Within 90 days since your registration you receive a 1 % bonus
from the new amount of investments held after 30, 60 and 90 days since your registration
Get your Bonus

An example of a bonus calculation
from the investments made by your friends

Your total bonus
70 EUR
The amount of bonus for you is unlimited. If you invest EUR 50,000 on Bondster, you receive EUR 500 back.
The bonus is calculated separately for investments in EUR and investments in CZK.
The bonus is always paid in the same currency as the one you used for investing in loans on Bondster.
That´s not all - if you become a registered investor, you can recommend our services
further and thus continue receiving 1% bonus from investments made by by your friends
you sent an invite to.

How do investment (P2P) loans work at Bondster?

The applicant borrows money from a loan provider. They pledge a real estate, for example, as collateral for the loan

Consumer loan

Business loan


The loan provider offers the loans for investment on Bondster

The investor chooses a loan on Bondster and invests in it

The investor receives a share of the loan repayment and the interest paid by the borrower

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